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The Livestack Podcast / Episode 5: Machine Learning (ML) in Food Animal Agriculture

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Join in and listen to this episode’s discussion on Machine Learning (ML) in Food Animal Agriculture: An old tool with new applications on Farm, with Marcel Alsdorf, senior cloud solution architect at Microsoft, with Daniel Foy, Co-Founder & CEO of AgriGates.

Marcel Alsdorf is a cloud solution architect with 5 years of experience at Microsoft consulting various companies on their cloud strategy. In this role, he focuses on supporting companies in their move toward being data-driven by analyzing their requirements and designing their data infrastructure in the areas of IoT and event streaming, data warehousing, and machine learning. 

On the side, he shares his technical and business knowledge as a coach in hackathons, as a mentor for start-ups and peers, and as a university lecturer. Before his current role, he worked as an FPGA (Field-programmable gate array) engineer for the LHC project at CERN and as a software engineer in the banking industry.

You can also listen to this full episode on Spotify here.