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Data Ecosystems for Agriculture

AgriGates unlocks the value of agricultural data, providing improved business intelligence by empowering producers to make data-driven decisions.

The Problem

The volume of data generated on farms is huge and represents a valuable resource.  Agricultural producers have never had a way to aggregate their often-disparate data into a manageable data ecosystem or even sell their data. 

The Potential

When data from disparate systems are aggregated into one data ecosystem, decision-makers gain new insights and business intelligence.  

Improvements in decision support systems provides the foundation for better operational and financial decision-making, while also addressing some of the toughest challenges facing the animal agriculture sector, including animal welfare, traceability and environmental sustainability .


The Solution

AgriGates provides the infrastructure to unlock the power and value of agricultural data. Our fully customizable platform helps producers gather, organize, secure, and make sense of their data. 

AgriGates designs and delivers the digital infrastructure necessary to unlock the power and resulting business intelligence of agricultural data. 


Intelligent Data Services


Data Infrastructure Strategies

Database Systems Architecture

Data Consolidation


On-farm Data Security Consulting

Edge and Cloud Computing Solutions

Database Management Support


Integrated Data Visualization

Business Intelligence Solutions

Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning

Value-Based Data Marketing

Who We Are

The AgriGates team of globally recognized experts are driven by their passion for sustainable animal agriculture, focused on improving animal welfare and regenerative agricultural systems. 

Data-driven decision-making is foundational to monitoring outcome-based production management systems of today and playing a key role in shaping future systems.


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