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The Livestack Podcast / Episode 1: Dairy Data Ownership & Data at the Farm Level

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In this episode, Daniel Foy, the Co-Founder & CEO of AgriGates speaks with Lilian Fadul and Michel Baldin about farm-level data, farm-level data ownership, and what that means today.  

Liliana Fadul is an animal scientist currently working as a data scientist at Lactanet, Montreal, Canada. Liliana completed her Ph.D. at Université Laval (Quebec, Canada). There, she recognized the potential use of data science techniques to help identify problems and offer solutions in the Animal Science field. Learning and exploring these applied techniques, particularly on dairy farms, became her true passion.

Liliana was part of the Dairy Brain project team, led by Doctor Victor Cabrera (Department of Animal and Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison), where she started exploring data governance in the dairy farm industry and encountered that there is a need to raise awareness among farmers and create an environment that enhances data sharing ensuring data governance and transparency. At Lactanet Liliana is using different types of data to develop tools using advanced analytics (i.e., artificial intelligence) that can help the holistic management of dairy farms.

References of the Data governance exploration:

Born in southern Brazil, Michel Baldin was raised on a small dairy farm. Michel received his BS and MS in animal science from Santa Catarina State University, Brazil. Additionally, Michel completed a Ph.D. at Penn State University focusing on the mathematical modeling of nutritional processes.

Postdoctoral Michel joined a global animal feed company to help develop and deploy ration balancing software. Since 2019, Michel has been working as product manager for the feed management module within milc group’s cloud-based ERP system.


Here is the link to the animal data exchange website and their Github page that was mentioned in the podcast.